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chairFrom routine checkups to treatments for surgery, Dr. Ira D. Shandles is equipped to handle all your podiatric needs. Our specialties include:

  • Adult - Child - Infant Foot, Ankle, and Leg Surgery Orthopedics
  • Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery, Orthopedics, and Medicine
  • We love to treat childrens' as well as adult foot and leg orthopedic problems. 99% of childrens' problems are correctable without surgery.
  • 90% or more of adult orthopedic problems are also correctable without surgery.
  • We have 23 years of research published on heel pain and almost 20 unpublished on warts. We even have a patent pending on our wart research, which will revolutionize the field.
  • We have been lecturing on heel pain internationally since 1995.
  • We also have extensive experience in treating serious amateur and professional dancers and athletes